Toyota Camry test drive 2011.

Toyota Camry is one of the most modern business sedans produced by Japan. Camry very organically joined the modern world. Thanks to its elegant forms and noble features, Toyota no longer looks a simpleton, in the auto market.

The car has changed noticeably from the outside. The manufacturer replaced the smooth, inconspicuous faces with more daring lines, because of this Toyota has become a little like Lexus. At first, this elegant beauty was confused with more expensive cars.

The car of the car is comfortable. If you prefer to move in the back seat and read the newspaper, then this car is for you. The rear seats are regulated, which is a new car for a car of this class. The car’s interior is large, but at the same time, homely comfortable. Leather seats give the car more chic, beauty and wealth.

It is a pity that a machine of this level does not have an emergency braking system, and there is also no function of an automatic parking player. Also, the climatic installation has not very intelligible work.

The tuning of the car microclimate is random. With a sharp turn of the regulator, the air significantly changes the temperature. Even with a manual mode of 22 degrees from the front panel deflectors, either hot or cold air blew.

The organization of the driver’s place is incredibly thought out to the smallest detail. Very comfortable seats, allow the driver to sit comfortably from the first time. On the steering wheel installation devices are installed by the climate installation control and a radio control system. The radio has a bluish color, which does not irritate and allows the driver to read information easily. Radio in this car reads all music formats. The dark hole of the instrument panel comes to life only with turning the ignition key. The panel does not flare up sharply, but lights up gradually, this is a very important quality, especially in the dark. But there are also disadvantages. The keys that are responsible for lifting glass are not covered, which complicates their search in the dark, and also makes the driver be distracted from the road. Also, the minus can be attributed to the fact that only one glass has an automatic drive – the driver’s glass.

Under the hood of Toyota Camry, the most powerful engine is a 6-cylinder gasoline engine with a working volume of 3.5 liters, in which there are 277 horsepower. When accelerating a car to 100 kilometers per hour or more, passengers and the driver do not feel it, only trees and houses outside the window move faster. The work of the motor is beautiful. Toyota Camry has a very assertive and quick acceleration. Japanese suspension almost did not change, only became a little tougher.

Toyota Camry brakes do not really shine with informativeness, but in terms of convenience of braking, you can even compare with Suba. With completely blocked wheels when trying to go around the obstacle, the car reacted perfectly, only one was alert – these are deep and strong drifts. The course of the Japanese car at a high level. The gearbox is very convenient and has 3 modes: Drive mode, sports-mode, manual mode. Toyota Camry has a front -wheel drive, which allows the machine to navigate well on sharp turns. Accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour in only 7.1 seconds. The maximum speed of the car is 210 kilometers per hour. Many motorists did not like the design of the car. People counted the wooden inserts in the car panel.

This car is perfect for both family and owners of small and large businesses. Now any driver can afford a car close to a business class at an affordable price.

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