Test drive VW Passat Alltrack

As a rule, according to the appearance and technical characteristics of the car, you can easily imagine its owner. So, in particular, the Passat Variant model is ideal for the respectable father of the family. A spacious trunk and impressive dimensions give the impression of practicality and desire for optimization. This explains that every motorist chooses the most suitable option for himself. Given this Passat, provided for the release of a wide range that can satisfy people of completely different types.

On the market you can find everything from a strict sedan created specifically for businessmen and solid people to the windy Cooper CC, who is unable to leave indifferent young and hot lovers of fast driving and sports cars. Now there is a model for off -road lovers.

Recently, a update occurred in the models line, namely, a new Passat Altrack model appeared in the Service Service. The car is more universal and is suitable for anyone. The functionality resembles the Audi A4 Allroad. It has all -wheel drive with a slightly enlarged clearance, which slightly increases patency, and elegant body kit gives the style to the style.

The model uses an original design that includes in -depth wheels for wheels, massive bumpers, thresholds and chrome radiator grille. I also sparkle with a noble metal, the contours of glasses, lateral mirrors, roof religions and even tips of exhaust pipes. Disks with an increased diameter of 17-18 inches perfectly complement the created image. True, talking about the external lightness and maneuverability of Passat Altrack does not have to.

This is a family spacious and reliable car with a cozy and spacious interior. Passenger seats are wide and soft, which is perfect for those who have a large complexion. The combination of mechanical regulation of seats with automation creates additional comfort for the user.

The car is gaining speed relatively quickly: 100 km/h in 7.8 seconds, but, but it holds it excellent and it is not felt in the cabin at all. Sustainable suspension creates excellent depreciation and confident retention of the road strip, the steering is soft and allows you to easily enter the coolest turns.

The car is equipped with a powerful turbo engine for 210 horsepower and DSG double clutch system. Differential electronic blocking provides increased security and a sense of confidence on the road. The machine belongs to the class of SUVs and has the excellent cross -country ability, including snow, dirt and significant bumps. The latter circumstance makes him honor and indicates the possibility of applying in the conditions of a harsh Russian climate and permanent off -road.

The only drawback is the absence of lateral support in the chairs, although this can be explained by the purpose of the machine for the steppe drive for a flat car, and not for races on a serpentine.

The car is equipped with a thoughtful and modern electronic system of intellectual control. Adaptive cruise control, Line Assist, unobtrusively reminiscent of a light signal when maneuvering, Side Assist Plus, informing objects in the dead zone and even prevents dangerous restructuring, make Passat Altrack elementary and fully automated. Automatic parking will make it possible to facilitate this process in a large city oversaturated with vehicles.

As always with practical Germans, a lot of emphasis was made at the safety measures of the driver and passengers. To a large extent, their achievement is facilitated by the system of recognition of the driver’s fatigue. The principle of its operation is that special sensors evaluate the angle of inclination to the steering wheel, using pedals and dashboard, as well as transverse acceleration. Having concluded that the driver is in a tired state, comparing the change in the leading style with the original, the system issues a loud and piercing signal, which calls to immediately park for rest.

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