Test drive by the Japanese car Toyota GT86.

According to the Japanese who made the new Toyota GT86 car, they wanted to make a sports and powerful car. A car that, when a sharp turn, will be entered for a few seconds, which the driver will then remember with trepidation. Car made without turbines and other modern devices. And they did just that.

The engineers tried to free the Toyota GT86 salon from all electronics and left only all the most necessary. If not for security standards, the car would have lost even the rear -view mirrors and the stabilization system. But without engineering devices, as it turned out, it is quite convenient and fun here. The hand with great pleasure pulls the gearbox lever, the leg presses on the gas pedal, you just need to press the brakes, like the spikes on the wheels immediately stop the car. You can hear the car out of the drift, thanks to the stabilization system.

Where does all these advantages come from, because its filling is not at all intricate: an engine with a volume of 2 liters and a capacity of 200 liters. With., Double transverse levers behind, electric power, tires are the same as in Prius. Everything seems to be without sports manners. And most importantly, small mass – 1250 kg., low center of gravity – 465 mm and perfect weight, by the standards of the Japanese themselves – 53:47.

Toyota GT86 was made together with Suba sports car. Cars are not much different from a technical point of view. As a result, the opinion appeared that Suba BRZ is tougher and stable to Toyota GT86. The GT86 suspension was checked not only on the roads and tracks, but also on a dusty primer and on an old cracked asphalt, and the car did not bring to the tears and screams of its passengers.

The new engine in Toyota GT86 – FA20, equipped direct injection technology so that the engine was spinning faster to the required power. A six -speed mechanical and automatic box is another contribution of developers to the car. The presence of both of these gearboxes in the car is complete delight.

All ergonomic shortcomings here simply do not matter – who cares about the convenience of managing the musical player? Although, of course, everything is done especially fervently, for example climate control. Cup holders, several outlets – all this fits the interior design as aesthetically possible and at the same time finished in carbon.

The engineers emphasized the excitement of the car, however, according to many professionals, they slightly overdoed it. In terms of its capacities and their characteristics, Toyota GT86 is fully consistent with its aggressive design, acceleration to a hundred – 7.6 seconds, gasoline consumption – 10 liters per 100 km., Working engine volume – 2000 “cubes” and mass – 1250 kg. Thanks to these advantages, although not as large as it might seem, the car briskly behaves on the road, on corners, if you drive along a wet road and at speed, a decent skid is provided with you. Everything is done in it for the convenience of driving, everything is so that the Toyota GT86 holds on the road confidently and tight. Due to the presence of a gearbox of two types – automatic and mechanical – the car is adapted to almost any driver: from a beginner who has only settled behind the wheel, to a professional with huge driving experience.

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