Sports Test Drive Peugeot Rcz.

In the summer of 2010, the sales of the French sports car Peugeot RCZ began in Russia. The type of car indicates a change in preferences in the European automotive industry: the emphasis on external design has intensified, in turn, the technical characteristics of the models of one ruler change slightly. PEUGEOT RCZ differs from the previous 308th model of the French Automobile Concert with a small change in body dimensions. The height is reduced by 2 cm, the width is increased – by 3 cm, the center of gravity in Peugeot RCZ has become lower by 4 cm than in the 308th. Compared to the hatchback, Peugeot RCZ was “easier” compared to its predecessor 74 kg, its mass is 1297 kg.

The car on the Russian car market is represented in 7 colors, the pearl covering will cost customers more expensive than cars made in standard color scheme.

In its optimal configuration, Peugeot RCZ surpasses Peugeot 308. Intuitive control, smooth strengthening on the steering wheel, coordinating movement of ESP functions are included only at the very last moment of the onset of a dangerous passage of the distance. The latter belongs to the model equipped with a 200-horsepower engine.

The volume of the PEUGEOT RCZ luggage compartment is only 321 liters, a standard reprimatum and a container with water are placed in the trunk, there is no space for the spare wheel. But with folded rear seats, which are designed for 2 passengers due to the middle armrest, the volume of the cargo compartment increases to 639 liters, and if you use the space remaining to the top of the car-up to 760 liters, which leads Peugeot RCZ to the leading leaders in volume full capacity of cargo space.

During the PEUGEOT RCZ test drive, fuel consumption corresponded to the declared: 6 liters on the highway and 11 liters – when driving in urban conditions. The acceleration time also corresponded to passport data, acceleration to 100 kmka ”.

For this money, a French compartment can dial a lot of rivals both among Sportsup and among the hotels. But as the French say, when you love, you stop comparing.

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