Skoda Citigo test drive.

Having received the keys, we loaded a couple of road bags, camera, several bags into the trunk. This turned out to be not so easy – the trunk of this model is not just small, but, one might say, tiny. Laying hits reminded the game in Tetris. We coped, we can advance. So, we are going. There are 50 kilograms in the cargo trunk, plus we are two passengers after a tight breakfast, somewhere around 160 kg. While we are spinning around the city – there are no problems. The 60s of the strong motor of the Skoda is quite enough for three gears in order to confidently stay in the stream, and, even, sometimes, run forward. The first gear of a manual box retires at a speed of 60 km per hour, and the second reaches a limiter a little earlier. For acceleration to one hundred kilometers per hour, it takes almost as many as 15 seconds and additional gearbox switching, though it is easy to manipulate a lever, we can say that it is pleasant. Fifteen extra frisky horses for a car weighing much less than a ton – the increase is very significant.

The basic motor is 60 forces, we will decide to recommend only convinced citizens who do not plan trips outside the city. For more powerful Skoda, any directions are quite accessible. A rather not pleasant surprise awaited at the end of a protracted climb, the bus was slowly overtaking us, and then a scooter rushed past. It’s a shame. If, in the city of the city, the problems of a weak motor arise, usually, only at the start, when it is necessary to extinguish a little and extremely neatly squeeze the clutch, then when it is on the Citigo highway and with an incomplete load, one might say, barely crawls. On the ascent, even fairly gentle, to control the thrust at 4 speeds becomes unrealistic.

As well as on its prototype, on Skoda Citigo for additional money, it is possible to install the City Safe Drive device, which is designed to provide preventive emergency braking in cases of dangerous reduction of the interval with another car. We simulated an emergency and established that at the above speeds (5-30), the system works accurately and unmistakably, with weather conditions of any complexity. But, the electronic system will not work at all, if the driver at this moment of time did not completely release the clutch and, especially if it shifts the transmission, which in situations usual for dense urban movement is an ordinary action.

The version of increased power with a motor of the same liter volume, but with a power at 75 horses – many advantages. Below fuel consumption, noise in the cabin is noticeably less, and I remembered the presence of our car of the fifth speed. If the owners of Citigo decide to go on her far, prolonged voyage, then they should intently study the meteorological prognosis. The carrier of the car is simply huge. And the air resistance coefficient – 0.33 – much. Apparently, for this reason, during suburban trips, fuel consumption, although lower than when traveling around the city, but not much, about seven cubic decimeters. On roads with sharp turns Citigo shows itself well. No swivel, ordinary in short -boiled cars.

It is difficult to even provoke, only very rude handling of the steering wheel, but still, they are controlled without complications, and develop quite predictable. Uncertain, beginner motorists – is ideal. Rotach, stable, accurate, regardless of the power of the motor on the bends. All colleagues, test – drivers arrived without incident. The same thing did not happen. Despite the shortage of time, we tested two options for the product of the Czech auto industry and managed to walk along the supermarket.

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