PEUGEOT 508 test drive.

Peugeot has provided the market with the new PEUGEOT 508 model, which will replace models 407 and 607. In Europe, the car has been sold for a year. And in Russia, on an official statement, the car needed to adapt to local conditions. To do this, increased the road clearance on a 20mm diesel model and on gasoline – 17 mm, strengthened the suspension, protected the crankcase, installed pre -heater, Russified the on -board computer.

The company offers, first of all, a new design, designed for men successful in a career who will like the spectacular but restrained appearance of the new model, comfort and a rather large PEUGEOT 508 salon.

The salon is pleasant to the eye and to the touch: soft plastic, skin- everything is stylish and harmonious. For the convenience of the driver – mechanical adjustment of the chair and steering wheel. But the driver of short growth will have difficulty with a good review, and a person with a tall of 1.8 meters has no opportunity to comfortably stretch his legs, as in Peugeot Rcz. The armrests are not in the most convenient way.

All the “five hundred eighth” supplied to the Russian market are equipped with automatic transmissions, which does not suit all drivers,

Many prefer classics.

Management of various systems is not so logically thought out as the main competitors, the duplication of functions can be traced and the “overkill” with buttons and keys is felt.

For example, on the steering wheel there are “Cruise – Control” on and buttons for controlling a cell phone using Bluetooth. In addition, here is the “drum” to select the on -board computer mode, which is duplicated by the button from the end of the right steering switch.

Two versions are proposed, which are planned the greatest demand.

The first is a car with a 1.6-liter engine that is famous for high dynamic characteristics and, unfortunately, turbine refusals. The company’s representative office recognized the problem and assures that there will be no more problems. Passport capacity 150 liters. forces that will pleasantly affect the transport tax.

The second version is a car with a 136 liter turbodiesel engine. strength. Naturally, he is inferior to his fellow in power. The maximum speed of 210 kmh is the same – 9.2 sec. It is subjective to determine that the power of one model is compensated by excess traction in another.

There are no complaints about the gearbox, the 6-step hydromechanics works smoothly in the “Drive” mode. You can go to the “sport” mode: the time for gear shift is reduced, limit turns are increasing. Very convenient for racing, if necessary.

At idle, you can feel some trembling in a gasoline model, diesel manifests itself even more persistently.

But in the movement, the engine reminds of itself only at the highest revolutions, and in calm mode only the rustle of the tires on the asphalt is heard, and on an uneven road – the sound of a working pendant.

You will not feel small comb and medium irregularities thanks to springs and high -profile tires, only large obstacles will make the car shudder. The “lying policemen”, Peugeot 508 does not “peck” with the nose of shock absorbers are also overcome. The car is really adapted to Russian conditions.

It can be noted that not too large trunk and rear seats could be more spacious, but in general it is a good car that combines riding comfort and pleasure from driving, high -quality interior decoration and spectacular appearance.

PEUGEOT 508 security test was held at the maximum 5 stars.

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