PEUGEOT 3008 Drive test.

Peugeot 3008 has increased cross-country ability, sports suspension, a six-speed gearbox and a powerful 156-horsepower turbo engine. The model is built on the platform of the 308th hatchback: the twisting beam and the front Mcphereson. The interior of the machine is made at a high level. Machine controls are at a convenient distance from the driver. All devices are described by radial digitization, there is even a regular temperature sensor for coolant. The Automatus selector moves through the winding groove, and there are additional keys nearby that switch sports and winter modes. The front panel has a convenient device – this is a extended transparent tablet that duplicates the speedometer readings.

The front seats have a huge range of adjustments, so they are well suited for any growth. In the back row, a little less is provided for the knees of the free space than the 308 SW model is provided. Trunk compartment volume – 432 liters. It is divided into two unequal compartments: in one you can store auto parts and t. P. , and put the rest of the things in the other. Under the floor of the trunk is on a cast disk a spare wheel. The rear row of seats is able to develop when turning the handles that are in the trunk. Car interior is well isolated from external noise.

The sound of the motor on acceleration due to noise insulation sounds quite quiet, and if the car rides measuredly, then there is practically no sound in the cabin. The gearbox walks like clockwork. 240 Nm is able to effectively realize the speed potential of Peugeot 3008. On the go, the car behaves perfectly from the bottom, motor 1.6, direct injection, 150 horsepower. In the original, this model had 156 horsepower, but the motor was brought to the Russian market, its indicator was reduced specifically for the benefits of taxpayers.

The dynamics of the car “Passport” is 8.9 seconds to one hundred kilometers per hour. For a family car, this indicator is quite good. Overtaking on the highway are carried out at ease and easily. On the city tracks, the Peugeot 3008 overshadows with its “gait” almost all competitors. The maximum speed of the car is 202 km per hour. The fuel consumption in the suburban cycle is 6.1 liters per hundred km, in the city cycle 10.7, and in the mixed – 7.7. The tank capacity is 60 liters, best for refueling AI-95. A powerful version of turbo 1.6 for an additional fee can be equipped with rear adaptive shock absorbers Dynamic Rolling Control. The automotive system can do without the intervention of all kinds of electronics: the damping liquid in the bend using a hydraulic cylinder is pumped to the desired circuit, while reducing the body’s roll and increasing resistance.

The car even in bad weather realizes its potential. But there are also the minuses of the model. Suspension, clamped for the sake of only with small irregularities. If 3008 will move along the second -rate, beaten by “craters” road, then comfort will acquire the status below the average. In this case, the suspension will constantly issue an indecent rattle. But all this is compensated by the general indicators of the machine.

The cost on the Peugeot 3008 with the “mechanics” and a 120-horsepower engine begin with the amount of 770 thousand rubles. And the premium versions with full configuration are estimated at about 960 thousand rubles and above.

In general, the Peugeot 3008 is a good family car, which, both because of its main characteristics and because of additional pleasant lotions, conquered the hearts of motorists.

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