Test drive Nissan Qashqai.

Nissan Qashqai … There are only two words that make you believe in a miracle. Qashqai is one of the African tribes that is always a bicycle war for its independence. It would seem that the car, which received such a name, should correspond to it, but many owners do not consider this car a “lion” at all, it is just a “cute kitten” that will never let you down on the road. For the first time I heard the world about him in 2007 at the Geneva Automobile Salon. By the way, at that time it was the only Nissan car that was completely assembled in Europe. Initially, the plan of the plant had only a five -seater car, but already in 2008 a seven -seater Qashqai appeared, which received a prefix +2.

Compactness, maneuverability, comfort, cozy salon – all this allowed the new Qashqai to become a leader in his class and a city idol.

So, on the test drive, the 2011 Nissan Qashqai is running.

We note right away that compared to the first models, serious changes have occurred both in the external and in the internal space. The body has become more streamlined, respectively, aerodynamics also improved. In addition, the headlights have become more noticeable and expressive, the radiator grille looks more impressive. The design of the wheels has become more sports. Now it is much better compatible with stylish body shape.

And the first thing that catches your eye is that, despite the apparent external “sadness”, the car is quite compact, which is not at all characteristic of crossovers. The salon is optimized to the maximum and at the same time unobtrusive design is perfectly combined with modern devices.

We pay attention to the dashboard. It has an information display that displays information about the current and average fuel consumption per kilometer. In addition, there is a sensor that notifies the unsteady seat belts, which is very convenient so as not to distract the driver from the road. The size of the salon also pleases. Despite its compactness, the car is quite capacious. And in the trunk there was a “surprise” in the form of a small -sized spare wheel hidden under the sheathing of a small -sized spare wheel and a basic set of tools.

But here it was not without minuses. The rear windows of the car cannot be lowered until the end. There is a “underpidation” of about 2 cm.

As for safety, there are no complaints here. 6 airbags plus special mounts on the back seat for a children’s chair. But if suddenly the parent wants to move the children’s chair forward, then Qashqai developers have provided manual disconnection of the passenger’s front cushion so as not to harm the child.

As for the technical characteristics of the car, the engine volume is 1.6 liters., Power-115-140 l. With., 5-speed manual gearbox, drive-front. Maximum speed – 180 km/h. Road clearance – 200 mm. Fuel consumption per 100 km: city cycle – 10 l., mixed – 8.3 liters., highway – 7.8 liters. It is better to use gasoline 95th, since the 92nd car goes worse and consumes more gasoline.

Comfort in Qashqai – at a high level. For example, there is a heating of seats, the temperature of which can be controlled. In addition, for better lighting there are special lamps for reading cards. The developers even thought about trifles such as the driver’s legs and passenger legs, cup holders, refrigerators and, of course, improved MP3 system with six speakers. And of course, there is a USB port, cruise control, adjusting the seats and steering wheel in height, transferring the control buttons of some functions to the steering wheel-this is what allows you to feel the most confident in this car most confident.

Nissan Qashqai was absolutely true to the class of crossovers, and for the crossover it is quite dynamic. Even in the rigid conditions of Russian roads. He showed a lot of advantages that are hard to not notice, and only a couple of shortcomings that you can close your eyes to. The car will give real pleasure from driving both the driver and passengers.

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