Test Drive Lada Grant with automatic transmission

Finally, it happened! AvtoVAZ established serial production of Lada Grant with automatic transmission. Attempts to install an automatic transmission on a domestic car have been undertaken earlier. But it was not possible to achieve a successful combination. Then the box was designed for a more powerful engine, then the price of the car turned out to be unreasonably high. At one time, even private STO offered a service for remaking the VAZ cars. Instead of a full -time manual transmission, installed “automatic” from old Japanese cars. I don’t know how all this worked, but there were a lot of ads in the city. And then a suitable option was found. Now Lada Grant is equipped with a Japanese hydromechanical 4 – Jatco ranging box. True, the box of this already about twenty years, but she has established herself from the most positive side. Simple, unpretentious and at the same time quite economical.

Outwardly, the car with an automatic transmission does not differ from its counterparts. There is also a little inside the changes. The only thing was added a couple of options – a second airbag and air conditioning. Well, the pedals naturally remain two. Everything else, including ergonomic flaws in the form of hard and not very comfortable seats and weak soundproofing, remained the same.

4 – Jatco Range machine gun

But the “automatic” itself works fine. The program switches softly, while there are not even hints of thoughtfulness. The accelerator pedal responds instantly, and acceleration demonstrates quite energetic. Of course, the merit is not only boxes. Automatic transmission is equipped with cars with the most powerful VAZ engine 16 – valve 98 liters. With. After VAZ mechanics with its slurred switching, to manage Lada Grant with automatic transmission, it’s just a pleasure. Fuel consumption by car with “automatic” has not changed much, at least, to meet 8 liters per hundred labor is not. For example, on the highway at a speed of 100 kmmin, and instant fuel consumption on an on -board computer is 7 liters. On a test drive, the car was refueled by 95 – M gasoline, as it would be from 92 – m I do not know.

Unfortunately, as already mentioned above, Lada Grant did not get rid of the previous shortcomings. I really did not like the brakes. You press the pedal almost to the floor, and the car slows down very slowly, only at the last moment, when the goosebumps start to run on the back, the pads finally grab and the car stops. Fitting body parts also leaves much to be desired. Uneven gaps, it seems, remained a branded VAZ sign.

But, given the cost of Lada Grant with automatic transmission, you have to forgive many shortcomings. After all, today it is the most affordable car with Automat, its price tag starts with 373 thousand rubles. The nearest competitors cost at least 50 thousand more. So, 420 thousand are asked for ZAZ Chance with an automaton, the Hyundai Accent Taganrog assembly costs 3 thousand more. Therefore, the demand for the car of Lada Grant with the automatic transmission in the near future is provided.

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