Test drive crossover Acura MDX

The Acura MDX crossover reaches almost 5 meters in length and lead almost 2 tons. The car became the first crossover having 3 rows of seats, only 7 places.

Acura MDX has a traditional motor configuration for American cars and a 6-step automatic transmission.

But on the interior, Japanese designers worked more likely. The front panel has two screens with a large display and a round joystick for control. In general, the interior looks brighter and more original than restrained interiors of German crossovers.

The central panel has a number of features that you need to get used to. Climate control is controlled by touch buttons located on the lower screen display, and ordinary buttons located under it. The search for radio stations is performed by touch buttons on the lower screen, but previously stored waves are displayed on the upper and the choice of them is carried out by the Joyic buttons. It is not always obvious where to press for the operation.

MDX has excellent sound insulation and an additional system of active noise suppression. When driving in the cabin, oncoming cars are practically unable, the rustle of tires and the noise of the motor are also suppressed. Sound security systems are configured to a comfortable level: they are audible, but unobtrusive.

Despite the fact that the design of the car has double -circuit shock absorbers, the suspension reacts quite hard to deep pits and bumps. But with medium and minor irregularities copes well. Two modes are provided for management in Acura: Drive and Sport. The car rides very easy.

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