Maintenance of Renault

It’s no secret that every car needs high -quality maintenance. The Renault brand model will serve to add a minimum of trouble for its owner, in the case of timely maintenance conducted in accordance with the technologies established by the manufacturer.

Due to the design features of the Renault engines, in no case should they neglect their necessary maintenance, otherwise it can lead to negative consequences, such as the destination of the timing belt, recommended to replace every 60 thousand run, as well as the bend of the valves and as a result of the expensive repair of the GBC. This also applies to timely non -exchanged brake blocks, which can lead to the replacement of drums and disks, and wear and wear and tear due to the distribution of the load between the elements of the suspension assembly unit that failed.

Therefore, to maintain safety, comfort and working functions of the Renault car at the proper level, it is necessary to conduct a service program exactly, which includes:

1) planned vehicle inspection;

2) the replacement of working fluids and parts in accordance with the features of each specific model and the number of run.

Maintenance of the Renault car, according to the latest version of the regulations of work and the list of auto parts that are subject to replacement, should be carried out once a year or every 15 thousand kilometers of mileage, depending on whether Propecia Online will come earlier. Any auto parts in Kyiv for Renault can be purchased at quite reasonable prices. It is also recommended to pay attention to the indications of maintenance indicators on the dashboard.

As part of the car service, RNO specialists carry out absolute control of electrical equipment and all parts that ensure reliable engine operation and safety.

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