Maintenance and repair.

One of the popular cars in Russia is the Lexus car. They justify this 100%. Almost without shortcomings in operation, they have one significant one – the high cost of maintenance. Even the most reliable assembly cannot ensure the lack of “surprises” on Russian roads, after which the car needs to be repaired and replaced by damaged parts and nodes. Japanese manufacturers provide only original spare parts of Lexus owners. The presence of a large number of companies supplying spare parts allows you to choose the best motorist, where the cost is minimal. This helps to reduce the cost of car maintenance.

It must always be remembered that the timely replacement of spare parts affects the service life of the car, its technical characteristics during movement and quality. Only the original Lexus spare parts will ensure the reliability of your transport and pleasure when traveling.

Many car shops and online stores offer a wide selection of spare parts for the Lexus car car.

If the brakes are out of order, you can purchase:

brake disk;

– caliper;

– brake hoses;

– levers, cable, traction;

– brake main cylinder;

– Remedules.

To repair the suspension:

– shock absorbers;

– supports and supporting bearings;

– anthers and chipsters for the shock absorber;

– springs;

– Stabilizer and a stand and traction to it;

– for a transverse lever – backlight;

– steering.

To restore engine:

– for the cylinder block – the head;

– crank mechanism;

– tension videos;

– belts;

– Elements of engine mounting.

For the body:

– Wings and mirrors.


– airy, oil, fuel and for salon.

To replace worn parts of the transmission, manufacturers offer:

– gearbox;

– squeezing bearing;

– clutch;

– CV joints and anthers to them;

– disk, basket.

You can replace in the electric part of the car:

– spark plug;

– BB wires;

– Funny details of the generator and starter;

– incandescent lamps and headlights;

– Relay lighting.

By replacing a failed part for the original for the original car, you will ensure the safety of movement to yourself and others.

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