Technical characteristics “Suzuki Jimny”

The compact Suzuki Jimny completely refutes the generally accepted stereotype that the SUV is the largest car in the stream. The length of its body is only 3.5 m with width 1.6 m, however, despite not large sizes, the car demonstrates excellent running qualities even on the most difficult roads.

In the summer of 2012, Japanese automakers presented the updated version of the third generation of the full -wheel drive frame SUV Suzuki Jimny.


In addition to modest dimensions, a distinctive feature of Suzuki Jimny is the lack of a clearly expressed aggressive design inherent in cars of this category. In order to add a little aggressiveness to the SUV, Japanese designers made some adjustments to its appearance. The changes affected the lattices of the radiator and bumper, optics and hood, which adorned a small air intake.

The salon of the restyled version did not acquire significant changes, it still cannot boast of large sizes. Large build people are unlikely to feel comfortable in the rear chairs, in view of the lack of free space. The driver’s seat can change its position “forward” and “back”, it is possible to adjust the back tilt. The size of the cargo compartment is also quite modest – 85 liters, but it can be slightly increased by folding the back row seats. The interior of the cabin is made in a laconic style.

The basic configuration of the SUV includes the anti -blocking brake system, two Milf Porn pillows, air conditioning, central castle, electric windows and mirrors, heating the seats.


Under the hood of a compact SUV is a 85-horsepower engine with a capacity of 1.3 liters. The choice of the future owner of the vehicle is proposed by Propecia Online Mechanical 5-speed or 4-band automatic transmission.

Front and rear suspensions of Suzuki Jimny spring dependent. The maximum speed of the SUV is not too high -140 kmtehnicheskie-harakteristiki-zuzuki-djimni-razmer-ne-A-dostoinstvo

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