CASCO tariffs increased by 41%.

Over the past 2014, a significant rise in price of CASCO insurance policies occurred. On average in the country, prices rose by 41%. However, in different regions, this percentage varies greatly. Uralsib insurers analyzed trends in the rise in various regions of our country. It turned out that Casco in the Krasnodar Territory rose most, and the least northern capital. Moreover, the tariffs turned out to be different for certain categories of policyholders (young drivers without experience, drivers over 35 years old with 15 years of experience and drivers over 55 years old, with experience of more than 30) and for the same categories of certificates, but control of foreign vehicles. The largest tariff growth was recorded in the Krasnodar Territory (for the middle category of drivers on domestic cars, it rose by 74%, and for the same group of people on foreign cars as much as 91%)

The studies were conducted in the ten largest insurance companies in the share of the CASCO. 19 large cities of the main districts of Russia were examined. Tariffs were taken for the calendar year, by January of the current 2015. To calculate the cost of a policy for a particular car and driver, you can use an excellent checkpoint of KASCO.

The results of the study were commented on by the director of the Property and Automobile Insurance Department of the Uralsib group Barca Maria. She said that the cost of CASCO depends on how unprofitable a certain model range of cars and categories of drivers in a single region. Tariffs are increased in accordance with losses.

In this regard, it should be noted a “pleasant” increase in tariffs for young drivers – domestic cars in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In the capitals, CASCO tariffs rose by 27-22 %, respectively.

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