Customs clearance

Customs clearance is not a standard procedure. The type of cargo, the type of vehicle, the selected customs procedure may affect the volume of information. For example, customs clearance begins with the filing of a cargo customs declaration or at the time of the arrival of goods to the customs territory of the Russian Federation. The customs clearance of the car cargo according to the customs procedure requires additional information about the nationality of the vehicle. When using various vehicles, it is required to indicate all types of used means and places of overload.

The customs declaration includes all the necessary data for registration confirmed by the relevant documents. The right to file a declaration is vested with a declarant, a citizen of the Russian Federation confirmed to the customs authorities documented his right to dispose of the load. When filling out the declaration, data on the sender and recipient are entered into it, as well as the product code assigned to the goods, the selected regime, about the amount of cargo, the country of origin, the cost of goods, data on making and other customs fees.

The customs clearance of goods is complicated by the fact that in one container, cargoes of various types are transported, as well as belonging to more than one subject. For heterogeneous goods, in addition, information about each product is entered in the declaration. Delivery of goods requires when filling out the filling of a separate declaration for the load of each participant, which can cause a delay in the cargo at customs.

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