The rental becomes a priority – for tourists and not only

Modern service – car rental in St. Petersburg – is becoming more and more relevant. By the way, the tourist direction is only a part of the demand that exists on a rental car. The largest part of the market (more than a third) is formed, according to surveys, commercial requests. And this means that the lease serves such tasks as representative (meeting and wires of guests of the company, first persons of large state organizations and private partner companies, customers and suppliers).

Secondly, this is a majority of the actual needs of companies that are easy to solve using a lease for a short time of a large number of various cars. And only after the exhaustion of this segment, other customers appear – private individuals renting cars for events. For example, organizing a wedding, anniversary, resolving transport issues is quite difficult without renting. Then there is a need for special transport and special transportation conditions.

Often, the evacuator Petersburg orders for its own cars that have fallen in a difficult situation. However, this sphere of specific transportation is not exhausted – a variety of car categories are in demand. By the way, it is worth comparing the cost of renting. For abroad, it is about 180-350 pounds for a week (this is a little more than 9 thousand rubles for 7 days of using a “tourist” car). By comparing these prices with the cost of rent in the northern capital, you can easily come to the conclusion about the benefit of car rental in St. Petersburg. As a rule, prices start from 500-600 rubles per day, and this rental allows you to easily solve any pressing problems.

Popular is the rental of commercial vans – such as Citroen Berlingo, Ford Transit, Fiat Ducato (Fiat Ducato Pax) and others. In this case, you can rely not only on resolving the issues of cargo transportation within 1-2 days, but also on the possibility of renting a car with a driver. Often they are happy to rent minibuses. At the same time, renting this type includes not only hiring a driver to organize guests transportation during celebrations, but also for tourist purposes.

Having outlined the route in advance and booked transport, you can inspect the northern capital and nearby surroundings with an organized group, significantly saving compared to tours organized by third -party companies. Lease benefits are obvious if you calculate the route, the time for which the car is needed, and the suitable type of car. And the company “Autoliga” will make everything necessary so that the rental is a comfortable way to solve your problems!

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