Rental of construction equipment from China

In connection with the constant increase in the cost of construction equipment, not every young company that has only recently started its own promotion to the construction services market will be able to afford the acquisition of expensive equipment. From a financial point of view, it is much more advisable and correct to rent the required number of units, with further sending to the required construction site. A striking example is a technique from China, which is unpretentious in the repair, does not require additional maintenance, which is also positively reflected in the cost of rent. Cheap technology is very practical for use in the conditions of domestic landscape, as well as in the construction of country houses and cottages, due to high patency. Many companies offer various equipment for rent, including tractors, Chinese dump trucks, tractors, excavators, tugboats, trailers. The client will always be able to choose the optimal ratio of the cost and lifting capacity of the technique. The cost of renting on the site is indicated for a full time, while this price is initially included both the driver’s services and the payment of fuel spent by the dump truck per shift. Thus, the customer will no longer need to pay anymore. It will be possible to plan expenses in advance. Permanent customers can always count on an additional discount if the rental of equipment is carried out by the customer on a regular basis. In case of failure, all repairs are made at the expense of the company, which is the owner of this construction equipment.

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