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One of the largest automakers, namely the Japanese Nissan, published the information and photos of the 2012 Murano crossover, which has a special difference in a number of external features, as well as improvements inside, the result of which there is even greater comfort, and amenities in driving. The 2012 Nissana Murano highlight is the presence of only two body colors – this is blue graphite and white pearls, and new 18 -inch wheels.

As for the external changes in the crossover, the emphasis was placed on the rear headlights and new alloy 18-inch discs with V-shaped knitting needles. These innovations gave a sports car. But the company did not cancel the models of 20-inch discs with paired knitting needles.

The main difference between the new Murano is concentrated inside. And this: a new white backlight (and was orange), the new content of the instrument panel, the central console was changed, the seats and door linings are sheathed with better skin.

The passengers who sit at the back have the opportunity to see various information on the monitors of the front seats integrated in the opposite direction.

The car market of Russia offers a crossover of three versions, while in the market of European countries they prefer a crossover in full configuration, with a powerful engine, and improved comfort and safety.

Most buyers (90%) prefer Nissan Murano with a diesel model, and in 2012 it is a 2.5-liter engine with a capacity of 190 horsepower; The rest of those wishing to purchase this car choose a 3.5-liter V6 engine that operates on gasoline, and develops 256 horsepower power forces.

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