Updated crossover Nissan X-Tail 2014.

The new Nissan X-Taille became the owner of a completely new platform, which was developed with the Renault partner. According to the vice president of the company, leading engineers took the best from Nissan and Renault from the family. The NISSAN X-TAIL 2014 is so much under the hood of a 2.5-liter engine, which easily gives out 170 horses and more than 230 nm of torque. Although the engine does not have direct injection technologies, but thanks to the latest developments of the company, the degree of compression was still increased to 10: 1.

The variator of the novelty has become noticeably better than previous generations. Now the happy owners of this car can test the gearbox with emulation of Direct-step speed switching at high speeds. In the end, it turns out that the efforts of the Japanese were not in vain. Although the car became 45 kg heavier, it was possible to reduce fuel consumption well, by 18%.

A multi -link rear suspension and modern front racks will make a comfortable and quiet ride even on not very even roads. High-quality tires on discs of 17 inches without much difficulty swallows all the bumps, without any irritating sound. The Active Trace Control system, which is installed in the new Nissan X-Tail, helps well in stabilizing the crossover on corners, especially the system will be useful on wet asphalt.

Did not leave without attention and the interior. The abundance of terribly soft to the touch of materials simply obliges to admire the passenger compartment of the car. Especially in this regard, the upholstery of the central armrests and doors stand out. For a fee, you can get two more passenger places so that the crossover can accommodate up to 7 people. This car offers excellent versatility, beautiful design, low fuel consumption and high comfort. It is definitely worth stopping your attention when choosing a crossover.

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