The updated Cadillac CTS will be shown in New York

CADILLAC will debut the repressed CTS sedan at the New York Automobile Exhibition in late March, and the car will appear on sale this fall. And the redesigned Escalade SUV is going to sell in early 2014.

At a meeting of General Motors leaders with dillers, they said that the car’s redesign is intended to jump retail sales by approximately 35 percent this year.

Cadillac sales head confirmed this plan for CTS before the meeting.

Cadillac is waiting for many new and updated vehicles to sharply increase sales this year after a losing share in the market for each of the last two years. In 2012, sales fell by 2 percent, up to 149,782 units, compared with industry growth by 13 percent.

“Our growth in sales should be increased, and the percentage should consist of two digits, a month after the month,” said Butler, refusing to determine the final goal. “We have a product, and now we need an increase in sales, commensurate with that product.”

Dealers who attended the meeting said that Cadillac plans to sell about 190,000 cars against 140,000 sold last year. This will increase sales by 35%.

Butler said that the marketing budget of Cadillac will grow this year with the launch of the redesigned CTS and the constant support of ATS and XTS SUVs. He said the next generation Escalade will be presented later this year. The dealers at the meeting said that the SUV would arrive in their salons in early 2014.

Dealers expect the first to see the serial version of Cadillac CTS and other future models during a meeting in Las Vegas in April.

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