Transport company Trakexpo

Cargo transportation is associated, first of all, with timely and high -quality delivery of goods to the recipient, which corresponds to the fulfillment of obligations under the contract. Transport company Trakekspo provides a complex of railway, cars, aircraft, river and sea multimodal, heavy, oversized cargo transportation through the CIS, China, Europe and the whole world. The accumulated experience of cargo transportation helps to provide high -quality and reliable service. Any branch of the economy, whether it is medicine, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, raw materials and energy cannot exist without logistics processes that are based on geography, types of transportation and additional service. The geography of cargo transportation takes into account not only the place of sending and delivery of property, but also the features of the geographical location and the logistics structure, the reach of the recipient of the cargo. Transport is the basis of the geographical separation of logistics, since the scheme and volume of transport transportation correspond to the level and structure of the economy, and the geography of cargo transportation and transport network – the placement of productive forces. The transport component of logistics contributes to the organization of production relations of companies and industries. Without transportation, overcoming the distance between consumers and production is impossible. The development of the business of customers of the transport company Trakekspo is associated with constant growth that does not know the limits. Based on this, and Trakexpo develops like its partners, not knowing the boundaries.

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