The leader has changed in the automobile world.

The new generation of Toyota Avalon will have a completely different style.

Toyota launches a new small car developed specifically for the Chinese market in production.

The Japanese company apparently decided to make Prius a separate brand and sell its hybrid models in dealerships specialized centers.

Over the past few days, there have been several publications that the Toyota RAV4 EV electricity will not be available for ordinary users.

The third generation of Toyota Yaris has already officially began to be produced at the French factory in Valancien.

Last week, Toyota introduced a European version of the modernized Hilux pickup.

There were reports that the Toyota Rav4 electric car will soon reach dealerships.

The first fully new third -generation car Toyota Yaris got off the assembly line of the Toyota plant in Valancienne, France.

In the Corporate Complex Toyota in France (TMMF), the production of the new third -generation model Yaris begins.

Toyota has set about cosmetic changes in the Hilux pickup design for the European market for 2012 model year.

With the release of the 2012 version, the Hilux, Toyota model has taken an important step towards ensuring the status of one of the best manufacturers in the world.

Toyota Motor Europe announced that the company’s sales in the first half of this year improved by 4.6% compared to the same period last year and reached 425639 cars.

Although the production of Toyota cars was reduced due to an earthquake in March this year, sales of Prius model is expected.

The fastest car at the 49th speed festival in Goodwood was Toyota Celica!

During the annual national meeting of dealers, which took place in Las Vegas, Toyota officially announced the postponement of the release of the new Camry 2012 sedan and its hybrid version of Camry Hybrid 2012 for the American market for the fall of this year.

One Japanese source published photos of the new generation Toyota Camry – models of 2012.

Toyota Celica with an engine of 800 liters. With. At the speed festival in Goodwood.

Toyota on the eve of it shared the information and first photographs of the third -generation hatchback Yaris.

The car will appear on the market next year.

The whole Veno Walking through the element, or rather the tornado, who raged in the states of Alabam, Georgia and Tennessee.

Soon plants that hybrid models, such as Toyota Prius, Lexus HS250H and Lexus CT200H will be commissioned, will be commissioned.

The racing version will be built to participate in the BTCC championship.

Thanks to the efforts of the Japanese Tuners, Toyota introduced a new racing model called Toyota IQ Grmn Racing Concept.

On Wednesday, July 18, 2010, the top management of Toyota announced a forced stop of the production of its own cars at 12 factories located in Japan due to a powerful earthquake.

At the traditional annual car dealership in Chicago in February of this 2010, the US visitors presented the updated Hyundai Solaris of the future 2011 model year in the United States.

Toyota Auris Hybrida fell on the pages of the Guinness Book of Records for its economical characteristics.

The Government of the United States of America made secret information from the Japanese Auto Concert.

Instead of a guarantee to replace defective cars, Toyota simply redeems them back from the owners.

The tuners of the Japanese auto corporation Toyota for fame worked on the Prius model.

The leadership of the Toyota auto giant decided to raise a serious hype around the future release of its minivan Prius.

On the annual SEMA auto exhibition, a unique Toyota Swagger Wagon Supreme Limouses was demonstrated to a large audience.

The Japanese auto giant Toyota presented to the public a new 3-door modification of the popular Toyota Auris hatchback.

Toyota has agreed to pay monetary compensation to patients with Astmatists who filed a statement in the court 11 years ago, in which 7 local car manufacturers acted as a respondent, namely ISUZU, Mazda, Toyota.

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