TOP 9 largest vehicles in the world

So, the list of the largest vehicles in the world. What is even more surprising, this is a big car that cannot be seen in everyday life or, in other words, it is special transport (vehicles created for a certain work). Today, the creation of giant machines and many similar mega projects is implemented easily and efficiently. Here is a list of largest vehicles in the world.

9. Liebherr hydraulic excavator this giant Liebherr excavator produced Liebherr, a complex of German manufacturing companies, is one of the world’s largest representatives of this type of special vehicle. This tool is used for hard work in open mines. He weighs 656 tons. With a 16.3-liter diesel engine Cummins C 180 E, its production capacity is 3000 liters. With. at 1800 revolutions per minute of the engine, while the Earth grows with a capacity of 1,500 kN. The fuel tank capacity is 13,000 liters, and the volume of the hydraulic tank is 4,600 liters, the maximum hydraulic pressure is 350 bar. The bucket has a volume of up to 36 m3, which is equivalent to one load of 60 tons.

Hydraulic excavator “Liebherr”

eight. Caterpillar 797fett a large truck, similar to the house, was created at the Caterpillar factory in the USA. It was done for heavy mining with very high performance. He has one of the highest in the world of carrying capacity. This model was presented in 2008 and entered mass production in 2009. Its last model is much larger and more powerful than the previous models of the 797B series and has a carrying capacity of 400 tons, while the 797B series is 380 tons.

Caterpillar 797f

7. Komatsu D575A Super Dozer “Komatsu D575A SUPER BULLDOZER” was produced by Komatsu, Japan, and now it is the largest bulldozer in the world. This bulldozer is used to open coal development in North America, which is more effective than the use of an excavator-diloin. The height of the bulldozer is 4.88 m, the length is 11.72 m, which makes it the largest and most powerful bulldozer in the world.

Komatsu D575A Super Dozer

6. Launcher mobile platform “Launcher” is a giant installation for launching satellites, which has a weight of 3.5 thousand. tons in the absence of a load, and about 5 thousand. tons complete with a satellite. The length of this vehicle is 49m, the width is 41m and the height is about 7.6 m. It is one of the three two-story buildings used by NASA to launch shutters during transportation from the plant to the site number 39-A of the Space Center for them. Kennedy, and can also be used as a launcher for missiles.

Launcher mobile platform

5. Volvo NH15 BP Tanker “Volvo NH15 BP Tanker” is a truck used in remote areas of Australia, Argentina, Mexico, United States and Canada to move heavy cargoes. In Australia, it is often called a road train, and in the USA and Canada – “Three”, “Turnpike Double” or “Rocky Mountain Doubles”. It has been manufactured by Volvo since 1998.

Volvo NH15 Tanker BP

four. Terex 33-19 Titanterex 33-19 Titan is one of the largest trucks operating until 1998. With full loading, it can reach a speed of 28 kmh, and the cost in 1962 is about $ 6.5 million.

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