Auto Toning: Rules and GOSTs

Many car owners do not know what degree of tinting is allowed by law. So that the inspector does not stop you and does not write out a fine, let’s get acquainted with the rules regarding the darkening of the glasses.

Toning of car glasses according to GOST.

Parousing a glass is rather a protection from the heat than tinting in a simple sense. And if you decide to darken the glass of your car, you need to know the rules regarding this procedure. Window tinting with a film is a special single -layer or multilayer coating of the surface of the glass with sunscreen, impact -resistant, or decorative tinting coating. Tinting with spraying has one minus – mirroring. Now mirror tinting is prohibited.

Car Toning Law.

There are currently a number of requirements for tinting cars. We will consider what the law on the darkening of the windows of cars says, and what should be the degree of tinting according to GOST. The rules of the road indicate: “objects or applied coatings restricting the visibility of the driver, worsening the transparency of the glass, entailing the injury of participants in the movement – there should be no movement”.

So, according to the Rules of Toning 2012, the darkening of the glass glasses is allowed:

Allowed for windshield – no more than 25%

Allowed for the glass of the front doors – less than 30%

The remaining glasses are not normalized – two side mirrors must be installed.

Allocation of all glasses is allowed if their light transmission exceeds 70%.

The permissible norm of the light-protective strip should be no more than 30% of the wind and other glasses, the light transmission must comply with GOST 5727-88. Mirror tinting is strictly prohibited. The width of the luminous strip on the windshield should not exceed 15 cm.

The Toning Law entered into force on June 1, 2012. Article 27.13 reads: tinted windshield, and the front side glasses lead to removing car numbers and prohibiting operation. In this case, during the day, the car can move to the place of removal of tinting. After this, the auto numbers must be returned. Methodology for checking the glass for shading is presented in GOST. For this purpose, special devices are used in the traffic police, the most common – “glare”.

Allowed tinting of car glasses – spraying.

Now tinting with spraying is done in car services very rarely, earlier it was quite common. You may have problems under the passage of those. inspection and passage of the traffic police posts. And if you want to erase it completely, you have to change the glass. During the winter period, tinting tinting wears out, as it is susceptible to temperature extremes. Basically, such a coating is not quite high -quality and effective. Moreover, the price is low.

But all the same, if your car is tinted not according to GOST, you can avoid removing numbers by deleting (removing) tinting in place.

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