Toyota in Russia is becoming more popular

In the first half of 2012, Russia has a tendency to increase demand for Toyota cars. Over the past six months, more than 76 thousand cars have been sold, which is approximately 35 percent of the same period last year. Naturally, the sales leader was Toyota Corolla, it was sold in an amount of 17, 4 thousand pieces, which is higher by 30 percent than last year. In second place in demand is the Toyota Camry business class sedan, this car went into the hands of Russian drivers in the amount of 16.8 thousand, which is almost 60 percent more than the same period of 2011. I would also like to note the Toyota Rav4 crossover, which also entered the top three leaders of Toyota, it was sold in the amount of 13,800 units, which means the increase in the sale of this model in the amount of nine percent, compared to the first half of 2011. The most popular Toyota car is the Toyota Hilux model at the moment. In 2012, an increase in sales of this type of car amounted to 158 percent, 2038 cars of this model were sold only in Russia. No less popular among the Russians Toyota Land Ciser, the increase in the sales SUV amounted to 43 percent, it was 7, 7 thousand units of goods sold. Toyota premium class – Lexus, on the contrary, began to lose its position, and the level of sales of this model decreased by 7 percent, only 6.7 thousand cars were sold. At the same time, as the sales of the popular Toyota in Russia are growing, the number of cases of theft is growing: Toyota today is considered a leader among the most stolen cars in Moscow and the Moscow Region.

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