Transport is airy, ground, can also be underground, without overland, rail, water, underwater. Transport is divided into two types: public transport and non -common transport. Public transport does not need to be confused with public transport, it serves trade and population. And personal transport is yachts, planes, cars, bicycles, etc. D.

There are still types of transport as an elevator, escalator, elevator.

The elevator is intended for transporting people, usually it moves vertically, it is installed in buildings and mines.

The escalator serves for the descent and rise of people, it is installed in public places (metro, supermarkets, underground crossings).

The elevator is designed to raise cars.

The most famous of public transports is a bus. There are special liners for tourists. In large cities, transport is more common, like a trolleybus or minibus. Also, buses and trucks are used for cargo transportation of prefabricated goods from China and other countries.

Railway transport includes: trains, in many cities there is a special road for trams.

Airy includes: planes, helicopters, space missiles and balloons.

The most economical non -motorized modes of transport and public transport are considered, they put very little or nothing at all.

But commercial aviation acts as environmental transport. Each person has his own type of transport, everyone uses that he is better.

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