Tesla recalls its cars due to software and security problems

A batch of 80 thousand Tesla cars in China will be sent for revision. In the models “S”, “X” and “3”, incorrect operation of the software and problems with seat belts were found.

The American company Tesla has decided to recall more than 80 thousand cars due to software malfunctions and problems with seat belts. This is reported by Bloomberg with reference to the State Administration of China. According to media reports, defects were found in models “S”, “X” and “3”.

All electric vehicles were sold in the Chinese market. So, the Model S and Model X sedans require adjustments in the battery management system, which is directly related to the loss of car power. In total, about 70 thousand units of “S” and “X” were recalled. The Model 3 needs a modification of the seat belt attachment. More than 10 thousand “triples” were sent back to the factory.

Tesla regularly faces problems and lawsuits. At the end of October, an investigation began against the American brand. The main reason for the proceedings was the autopilot system and the manufacturer’s statement about its “independent driving”.

Owners of electric vehicles complained about failures of the autonomous control option. Reports of various malfunctions that lead to sudden braking have appeared on the Network. The incidents attracted the attention of the US government, which launched a broad investigation.

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