Cadillac Celestia: description and what’s new

Cadillac did not pursue fashionable eco-trends and used old-fashioned materials in the decoration: natural leather, wood with open pores and polished metal.

Although modern technologies have penetrated here — many finishing elements are made on a 3D printer to simplify the process of individualization, which is a big bet.

The fact is that the Cadillac Celestiq will not be sold at dealerships at all: each car is supposed to be made to order according to the personal requests of the client, and the assembly will be carried out manually at the facilities of the General Motors scientific and technical center near Detroit. There is no conveyor there in principle, so the product will be really piece-by-piece. And expensive — according to marketers, the conversation will start with at least $ 300 thousand, that is, about like a Rolls-Royce Ghost or Cullinan. The main thing is not to remember that in rubles it is less than 20 million, that is, the level of Lexus LX in the modern Russian market.

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