All metropolitan evacuators will be equipped with DVRs

The metropolitan transport department reported that all townspeople working in Moscow should be equipped with DVR. This will be one of the main requirements for enterprises that have the intention to work in the city and engage in car evacuation, the representative of the department said.

It is worth recalling that this summer the evacuation of cars in Moscow should become paid. Transportation of a car to a parking lot will cost the driver five thousand rubles. Separately, it will be necessary to pay for the safety of the machine. This service will cost another thousand rubles per day. Also, the motorist will have to pay for a fine of three thousand rubles for parking not according to the rules. By the way, private traders will be able to engage in the evacuation of cars. For this, representatives of a private organization need to become a participant in the auction on equal terms with the “City Service for Transfer of Vehicles” (GSPTS). Of course, there is no information on when the competition will not be scheduled, but now there is reliable information that the evacuation in Moscow will be divided into 13 lots: four will relate to work on the central streets of the capital and one each to the rest Nine districts. “Now the main works are focused on working out technical specifications. It is assumed that the installation of a DVR on a tow truck will become one of the main prerequisites for those who want to participate in the competition, ”the transport department explained.

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