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Infiniti QX is one of the leading brands of cars at present. They promise that we will sell this car from the end of the summer of this year. And for the first time, the Japanese car was shown in the Motor Show in New York in the United States.

This is a large and strong premium SUV. It has a unique navigation system with internal memory on a hard drive and a beautiful stereo system with 13 speakers. The multimedia system with several monitors is also impressive, each of them can reproduce their own image.

The car has a convenient control panel in the form of a colored touch display, from which all systems are launched and navigation occurs. It is possible to connect a cell phone (as in other cars), there is a USB connector for iPod. Equipped with Infiniti QX by the latest technology and fashion.

Under the hood you can see V – figurative “eight” that issues 400 horsepower power forces. The engine is able to regulate gas distribution and has a fuel injection system. There are several modern systems on the car that increase its indicators. For example, a system signaling the stripes, a cruise system – control, Intelligent Brake Assist system signaling the upcoming clash and wonderful seat belts.

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