Acura was presented in Russia

In Moscow, at the end of last month, an official presentation took place, which was timed to the publication of the Japanese premium brand “Acura” for the expanses of the Russian auto market.

This brand debuted in the United States market in another 86 g. and since then has occupied the status of one of the most successful in its own segment, having achieved high recognition of experts and press. The presentation of the brand in the capital was held by Honda Motor Europe President Manabu Nisimae, together with the director of Honda Motor S for Marketing Mikhail Plotnikov.

If you purchase such a car outside the border, it will be delivered to you accordingly, and the purchase of other goods involves the use of such a service as the delivery of prefabricated goods in a container, which is very profitable.

The name of the Acura brand is designed to act as an association with accuracy and accuracy, this is how the root of the word “Acu”, which formed the basis of the name of the brand, sounds in Latin. The brand logo, in addition, appeals to perfect accuracy indicators, because it depicts a Crontzirkul, which is stylized under Lider A.

Acura acted as the first premium brand of large Japanese auto companies that quickly began to gain popularity in the States after the oil crisis of the 1970s was completed. He forced the Americans to abandon dreadnoughts equipped with engines with a volume of 5-7 liters., In favor of economical and compact machines that have not yet learned how to do in the USA by that time. And in Japan, their production was then owned by perfect.

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