Acura ilx

Acura desperately needs a hit car to restore herself like a brand. And the fact that a car with a price in the region of $ 30,000 will soon appear can help her with this.

This car is a good sedan for $ 30,000. After the night in this car, we claim that it is evaluated fairly, well -built and he has an excellent transmission.

Of course, for $ 30,000 you do not get porsche. Design Acura ILX is cool – but pretty soft. It partially resembles Dodge Avenger. Noise insulation is very mediocre, especially on the highway – the noise of the wind is heard. But the materials inside the car are good, although they hardly look expensive.

But for the price that the automaker voiced there are many advantages. The transmission is excellent. Relatively short, smooth switching. The engine is strong and constantly requires more revolutions. The car is not very heavy (less than 1400 kg), so the four -cylinder engine disperses it without unnecessary stresses. The suspension is quite soft, but at the same time, the cranes of the body are practically not felt. Tires also help to smooth out the transfer of road bumps to the car body.

This model is well equipped in premium decoration: satellite radio, roof hatch, comfortable seats, the dashboard has clear analog sensors and signs, and controls are quite simple and convenient.

Simply put, Acura receives its Honda Civic sedan, only in a different guise. But for this money, we are sure that you will get a rather competitive sedan.

2013 Acura ilx Premium.

Basic price: 30.095 $.

Transmission: 2.4-liter i4; front -wheel drive, mechanical six -speed gearbox.

Exit: 201 horsepower at 7,000 О8.5 liters per 100 km.

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