What is the anti -radar for?.

This device can also be called a radar detector, its main purpose lies in the timely determination of the beam of the device measuring speed. For example, a radar produces a laser, special beam that reads the speed of the car and then transfers the collected data to the control unit. In this case, the anti -radar informs the driver in advance about the speed meters available on the highway. The best domestic radars and chambers for tracking have speed sensors, cutting off speeding at a distance of not more than 800 meters. Whereas, the best anti -rads, as well as domestic production, may sit signals that come from radars for 3 km. The most common radars on the roads of Russia are Arena and Chris. The first shoots at the car number in the back, determines the speed and reports about the violation of traffic rules. This device also radiates, which diverges 8 meters from the installation site, so it is more difficult to determine it. The more simple are Chris radars, they are easier to determine the anti -radars, because their signal diverges to a distance of up to 100 meters.

Anti -radars are distributed into three main types of indication, namely the distance of the operation:

– Budget anti -radars – identify the arena at a distance of 50-100 meters, their cost is less than 4,000 rubles;

– Anti -radars of middle -level level – determine the arena for 100-200 meters, their price does not exceed 8,000 rubles;

– Top radar detectors-the cost exceeds 8,000 rubles, with an effective distance of the device at a distance of 250-500 meters.

In addition, an important parameter of the radar detector is its ability to respond to the last radar radars, which are today at many traffic police posts. Old models of anti -radars either notice a spark every other time, or do not see at all. The most effective devices today are Cobra, Streetstorm, Escort, Beltronics, Valentine. The fact that expensive devices are less effective are also interesting, since their cheap analogues are often, since the brand is often on the brand as it usually happens. Therefore, before choosing an anti -radar, you should find out the details. The store mainly wants to be realized more, the car owner needs to be more efficient.

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