For “Yo-Mobil” found the first supplier.

“E-mobile” finally found himself the first and only supplier. This is the company Gastank Sweden AB from Sweden, what is Yo-Mobile gas cylinders for storage. The tender project was knocked out a year and a half, and world companies for the production of gas cylinders also participated. From the message it became clear that Gastank gas cylinders were made of durable material and led by pressure of 730 bar. Each cylinder is checked and in “Yo-Mobil” gas will only be under a pressure of 200 bar.

E-Mobile design intends to use two 40 liters. cylinders, with the weight of each 21 kg. Since 200 methane gas bar in these tanks may accommodate 17 liters. gasoline. Based on the calculations, the refueling “Yo-Auto” will be cheaper, for example, if you refuel with gas, then the cost will be 180 rubles, and if with gasoline, then 500 rubles. Agree, the difference is decent. E-mobile power plant includes eight valve engine with a volume of 1.4 liters, which can use gas and gas. Its speed can develop up to 80 “horses”. Will be produced by a company whose name is still in secret. Also, in the car they want to use supercondensers.

Also, using a powerful generator, electricity will be produced using a powerful generator, which will be recharged supercondensers. At this time, they will nourish the electric motor in the car, with the help of which there will be movement. Whether the owners of the “E-mobile” participants Kiev-club will still be unknown. But everything is possible. 95% of E-Mobile is already ready, it will be presented in April of the month of this year. This was promised by Andrei Ginzburg, who is the general director of the “E-mobile”.

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