What are the active security systems for the car

Greetings to you, friends. One of the reasons for any emergency, one way or another, is the human factor. Unfortunately, no matter how perfect a person is, he is not safe from errors. Therefore, from the very beginning of technological progress, the best scientific minds fight over the problem, as if not excluded, then at least reduce the consequences of human errors. So, the driver is designed to insure electronic systems of active security of the car, which are becoming more and more every year.

When you read the list of options for a modern car, the head goes around, which is not – ABS, ESP, ASR. And this is far from a complete list. It seems that the car has become smarter than a person. The driver can only twist the steering wheel and set the direction of movement to the machine. That’s just the impression is very deceptive. So occur with regular frequency of accidents, the consequences of which then discusses the entire Internet for a long time. Moreover, pay attention to the culprits of such high -profile accidents often become superior, under the eyeballs packed by various active security systems. Is this all this electronics is useless?

Of course not. Just its purpose is to help the driver and correct elementary errors. To allow both a beginner and a professional with experience. For example, the Brake Assist system. Her

No system will protect against a disregard for security

appointment, squeeze the brake pedal during emergency braking if the driver does not act actively enough. In this case, there is a false feeling that the braking distance of the car is reduced. However, in fact, because this is not so. With proper efforts on the pedal from the driver, the intervention of the system may not be needed. A similar situation with the anti -lock system (ABS). Her work does not accelerate the process of slowing down the car, it simply prevents the breakdown of the car into the yuz and further loss of controllability. So, the neglect of the driver by elementary laws in the hope that electronics itself will cope with any problem, this is the first step to a serious accident. Remember, systems that would be able to change the laws of physics, no one has yet come up with. Therefore, as soon as the security system reaches the face that the designers laid in it, it will become useless. For the safety of movement even the most modern and the car stuffed with electronics, the driver is responsible!

And in the table below, the main systems of the active security of the car are given and their brief description:

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