Transport corridor of Moscow

It is supposed to connect the new and old territory of Moscow using a modern transport corridor. It should be both functional and architecturally expressive. This opinion was expressed by the supervisor of the Research Institute of Transport and Road Facilities.

Thus, the results of the second international seminar were summed up, which was devoted to the concept of development of Moscow agglomeration.

The head of the Research Institute really liked the idea of ​​linear boulevard. This idea was proposed by the architectural workshop of Paris L’AUC. Experts believe that the transport corridor should be bimodal. In other words, he must include both the Road of category 1-A and the rail system.

The transport corridor will become a boulevard, a modern architectural structure. He must successfully fit into space, while decorating it.

The creation of a powerful transport corridor on the new axis of Moscow is carried out regardless of who put forward this idea. This was emphasized by the head of the Research Institute. He also considered that most authors, trying to expand the transport paths of the metropolis, could not do without “naivens”.

The competition will be completed by summing up the results. Recognition of one project will not happen. Instead, the selection of ideas will be carried out that must be integrated. It is difficult for him to imagine that someone will win among the teams, and the Research Institute will have to carry out the project of the winner. Of all the selected ideas, it is planned to highlight the advantages and remove the disadvantages. This should appear the most optimal option for a modern transport corridor.

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