It is possible that traffic rules will be introduced into the exam and other news

The traffic police of Russia and the organization “Movement without danger” urgently require that the rules of the road be introduced into a single state exam. The authors of such an idea explain this to the growth of the number of cars, and that knowledge of traffic rules becomes as important as the knowledge of the multiplication table. The number of traffic accidents with the participation of adolescents and children is really huge, although a noticeable decline is planned. If we take the data of the VIBDD of the city of Samara, then in five months of this year 45 incidents occurred here with the participation of babies in which 47 children were injured. Fortunately, there were no deaths. One thing is pleasing that the number of accidents with the participation of adolescents goes down: from January to May 1212, there were more such episodes by 14.To consolidate a positive trend, the head of the traffic police Viktor Nilov proposed more preventive work to achieve an even greater reduction in the number of violations, especially when it comes to transportation of a large number of minors. One of the techniques of preventive work is precisely in a single state exam with the inclusion of issues according to the rules of the road. Coverage will be large, since all Russian schoolchildren pass this exam. And one more indispensable condition: the exam should be mandatory. Currently, all schoolchildren are passing an obligatory exam in the Russian language and mathematics. But some of them may include questions about road safety? There is no consensus on this subject yet. Some experts believe that it is too late to teach high school students to train the rules of the road, you need to start with kindergartens. Of course, in a playful way and regular training, will bring its positive fruits. It is necessary to achieve the execution of traffic rules as mandatory for everyone, as, for example, to brush your teeth. Examples of pedestrians’ behavior abroad were given. There the pedestrian will not go out onto the road if a red light is lit, even if there are no cars at all. Perhaps the opinions of parents will be taken into account that this issue should not be entered into the state exam, but to do a separate discipline. The USE already brings children and their parents a lot of unrest, bringing some people to a heart attack. And some adults need to start with themselves. Children see how adults violate the rules of the road and repeat after them. Perhaps that is why the “youth apple” of the city of Krasnodar held a kind of action, called “Raydrasnodar”. The purpose of this action: identifying violators on the roads by representatives of the authorities. Activists managed to strongly demand from some officials to remove their cars from the roadway and from the pedestrian crossing. Another aspect in reducing the victims on the roads among children is the transportation of children in the car. This problem should be solved by parents. But what to do if there is no funds for a special children’s chair? According to the rules, p 22.9, the transportation of children should be carried out taking into account their safety: a child under 12 years of age can only be transported with the use of special children’s holding. These are, of course, children’s chairs selected in size. If there is no funds for such a purchase, then purchase special three point belts to fasten the child. Never transport the baby, holding it in your arms, it is very dangerous. In the event of a blow, the weight of a little man increases many times, and you simply cannot hold him in your hands. Still, it is better to buy a children’s chair to save the baby in the event of an accident.

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