Renaissance of the Datsun brand

We have already written that Nissan revives the Datsun brand to increase sales in Russia, India and Indonesia.

Nissan invests $ 400 million in Indonesia over the next two years to triple the number of sales in the region up to 90,000. Cars under the Datsun brand will begin to appear in the markets in 2014.

According to the Datsun model, the CEO of Carlos Ghosn said, “This is a green, accessible car and it will be a cheap car.”

The company, which became known as Nissan in the future, sold vehicles under several different names in its long history, including the name Dat Motors, which was used in the early 1900s. The company later became the automotive production of DAT, while it sold a 495 -CC – a passenger vehicle called Datsun, literally, the son of Dat (Son is a son in translation from English.). Datsun was the first car in the company to install alloy wheels, and later low -profile rubber. Disks for cars, such as Datsun were small, but wide, about 15-16 “, with a tire width ~ 210 mm. Later they began to put on Datsans the same wide, but beautiful stamped discs.

By 1958, Datsun cars appear in Europe and the USA. At that time, the company reserves the name Nissan for trucks and powerful sedans. The company finally decided to move from Datsun to the Nissan brand in 1981.

In his efforts to grow brand in developing markets, Nissan collaborates with Ashok Leyland in India and announces the opening of a new factory in Brazil. In addition, Renault-Nissan is close to the announcement of a transaction that increases its share in AvtoVAZ.

Nissan is the third best -selling brand in Indonesia and representatives say that the company hopes to increase sales using low -cost Datsun brand models. The most popular car of this brand is currently Grand Livina, this is a minivan, which accounts for 45 percent of sales among the Datsun brand.

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