Forward, and then backward, and then backward

Many participants try the track before the competition, having drove one or two in the strip. The track is not bad, concrete slabs are pounded a little at the junction, which makes riding similar to the sound to the train walking by rail. However, jet training fighters took off and sat down from this strip, which means that in principle, in the lane, you can drive at higher speeds than they are possible in the drag. The speed is measured by a special telemetry system that works when a car passes next to an infrared sensor. Speedometers, you know, you can’t trust. I know that very well. I turned hard for a long time, engaged in electronic devices. Five years ago, metal detectors made to order scrap metal on the fields (there they threw out broken parts from agricultural machinery at one time) and horror how many precious metals on the beach. . But I learned to do electronics when I worked after the army as an auto electrician. With spare parts then it was tight and the electronic relay had to be repaired by ourselves. And the drivers constantly ordered special steeplers for speedometers – twist the average speed and the path traveled. Accordingly, drivers took the extra tanner to themselves or the client paid more. KamAZ and MAZ meters on the speedometer are electronic, so we have developed our scheme, which deceived this counter and wound how much the driver needed. On the basis, all cars with electric speedometers drove with our devices. So you understand why I do not trust the indications of speedometers 🙂

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