To help a novice driver or how to remove the sticker of the “kettle”

I can’t believe it,!!! Happened!!! And the heart beats, and the soul sings, and the new certificate is pleasing to the palm … Everything, the exams behind: there will be no more sleepless nights telling about the right and left turn; a tedious instructor, demanding not to put pressure on the gas pedal and sad eyes of the traffic police inspector signing the examination sheet-after all, there are no errors, sir, dismiss! However … The real world of roads is much more cruel than the training highway. Do not rush to shock your brand new car with your road twist. The theoretical base in your head is not real reality.

A small list of road rules “For beginners” will help to cope with the first driving stress yourself:

one. Do not leave the house without a policy (for those who do not know what it is, find familiar letters on the paper “CASCO” or “OSAGO” – bingo!).

2. For the first time, reconcile with inevitability and stick on the rear window the identification mark “U” or “70”. The icon will not save you from responsibility, but it will warn especially zealous racers about what category of the driver at the wheel he actually deals with. In addition, having stalled on the road, you have more chances that experienced drivers will treat you with understanding and patience.

3. Inexperience driving is a temporary phenomenon, not a diagnosis. If there is an opportunity to prepare with an experienced instructor, do not miss your possibility.

four. Remember how Musketeers are: “One for all and all for one!””. If you do not pay the instructor, please contact your friends for help. Joint trips on your car will give you confidence, and your friend will give you the opportunity. First he will go next to you, then in the back seat. Well, if you can handle all this successfully, proceed to the next stage: let your friend accompany you by car from behind. Do not be a snob at the same time: ask what mistakes during the trip you made.

5. If you work in the same place day after day – think over your route! Having developed it in advance, you will save yourself from extra hassle during a trip. Noisy intersections, “lying” police officers, left turns and unregulated pedestrian crossings let them enter the list of your dangers on the road before you sit behind the wheel. Well, if you practice on your plan on the intended route on your weekend, then you just will not be prices!

6. This is first the route “to work and vice versa” will be presented to you with a “stumbling block”. Do not worry, soon he will just bother you, and later you will even find how much more confident they began to feel in the parts of the city absolutely unfamiliar and far from home.

7. Do not forget that mirrors are your eyes on the road. Make sure they are adjusted, and your steering wheel and seat fully satisfy a comfortable stay in the car. Believe me, the seat belt is not “for suckers”, but for real drivers. Road safety is the first and unshakable rule of road.

eight. Panoramic mirrors – one of the innovations. However, it will be difficult for a beginner to rebuild his process of perception of space if he trained by car with ordinary mirrors. It is best to purchase panoramic mirrors when confidence on the road becomes an integral part of driving.

9. For the first time, all passengers should stay overboard! Especially those who chatting incessantly or are not related to your briefing. Minimum conversations behind the wheel – maximum attention to the road!

ten. It is necessary to add to the above: loud music, cell phones, MP3-players and automobile TVs, all over there. The only music of your soul is the sound of a working engine and the breath of the machine as a whole. Be vigilant, you don’t want to get a fine on the first day of your independent driving?

And, as the famous cartoon character Carlson said: “Calm and only calm!” – in life, on the road and in the desire to conquer everyone with your ride. “Better at 6 o’clock at home than at 5 – in the morgue”.

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