The most reliable premium-auto

In America they love to study, analyze and learn better. Recently, one American organization found out which cars are the most worthy and reliable in the premium car segment. Almost 82 thousand owners of luxurious and new brands of cars took part in the studies. Cars served their owners for at least three months.

Luxury cars are literally stuffed with various electronics. Their complete set includes multimedia systems, computers, motion sensors, tracking systems for road, different types of alarms and protective equipment and hacks. Almost always, car owners complain of problems in electronics. Only infinity was able not to hit the dirt in the mud and became the leader in quality. Although the indicators are still deplorable – out of one hundred cars, the breakdown was found in 87. Owners may need auto parts in bulk, since electronics are faulty for everyone.

In second place is the Porsche leads in terms of reliability. There are already 98 faults per hundred cars. In third place is the world -famous company – Mercedes.

Americans are very pleased that their company Ford is included in the top ten leaders. Since America has been trying for almost ten years to enter the world premium car market with its manufacturers. Recently, a lot has been exported precisely under the Fords. After all, it is this company that produces cadillacs and Lincolnes, which once opened the segment of expensive cars. The American manufacturer always loved to produce large cars, and they should take an example from sports and double BMW.

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