The most popular cars related to the premium segment

Car experts of Ukraine decided to make their own independent rating of the most popular cars that belong to the Honorary Premium class. It is worth noting that it was decided to take one year as a reporting period of this rating.

So, in the second place of the rating was a sedan that enters the markets under the Mercedes S-Class brand, about three hundred units were sold these cars, but the total cost of cars exceeded $ 40 million. In third place was the Volkswagen brand, or rather its popular medium -sized SUV, which comes out under the name Toreg. Such cars have gone in the amount of 1800 pcs during the year, but their total cost exceeded $ 130 million. The compact crossover shares the third place of honor, which is released under the Volkswagen Tign brand, these cars have gone in an amount of over 1.5 thousand, their cost was approximately equal to $ 75 million.

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The popular German car manufacturer Audi fell in fourth place. But as the most popular models of this manufacturer were the Audi Q7 SUV, as well as A6 and A8 sedans. Closes the five leaders in the sale of cars related to the premium segment, a German automaker, known as BMW. He managed to occupy this place thanks to the extremely active sales of BMW 5-Series, BMW X6 and BMW X5 brands.

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