Taxi 206

Any city needs a taxi. It doesn’t matter, small, or large, how far from the capital, residents live well or poorly, are there many attractions and places of rest … Taxi will always be in demand: take the mother -in -law to the station, take his wife from the hospital, move the student with his simple belongings, come yourself from the corporate party (where to drive after half a bottle!?).And in Rostov there is a taxi. Rostov-on-Don-the most beautiful city of Russia. Rostov taxi is modern cars. Tax Park 206 is its own fleet of brands Hyundai Sonata and Vortex estina. The brand of the car that will arrive at your taxi order in Rostov depends on the chosen tariff. These are professional drivers, qualified and polite, profitable prices and bonuses, a different payment system (for kilometer, time -based) accurate cost of the trip (the dispatcher will give the fare in advance). As well as an additional range of services: the delivery of any goods not prohibited by law, meetings with a sign at the airport or railway station on behalf of the client, the “sober driver” and “Autonian” services (transportation of children from 12 years of age without accompanying. The driver will take a child from you and give him “from hand to hand” to the face indicated by you. Or the driver will take the child from the indicated place and take it to you, passing the child “from hand to hand”. Both of these services, in principle, are not very different from each other).There is a service for newlyweds: ordering white and black Hyundai Sonata for wedding and representative motorcies (the ability to order more than 10 cars).Tax Park 206. We are always happy to help our customers.

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