Taxi in Bulgaria, differences from taxi in Moscow

Rest in the Black Sea resorts of Bulgaria is a warm and clean sea, sandy beaches and inexpensive service. Bulgaria now is wellness children’s centers and modern infrastructures for vacationers of any age, and even more so for recreation for couples with children. And having arrived in Bulgaria to rest, you can see that the taxi business in this resort republic is very well developed. The easiest way is to find a taxi here at the station, since not all vacationers use the services of travel agencies, but some find the opportunity to order a taxi in advance. Very many come to rest here themselves.

Yellow Bulgarian taxis with traditional “checkers”. On holidays and at night there is an increased tariff here, but if you figure it out and listen to the reviews of vacationers, at an overstated tariff you can ride here at any time and any tourist can “fall for the bait” of greedy Bulgarian taxi drivers. Tariffs in Bulgaria for auto transportation do not exceed 1 leve per 1 kilometer (20 Russian rubles). This information can be seen on the windshield of a taxi. Payment for travel can be made “according to the meter”, but some “craftsmen” counter the counters so that 100 meters can turn into 1 kilometer. As a rule, illegal taxi drivers are engaged in this who mask their cars for cars of famous firms, having finished one word with another font or changing one of any letter. And the vacationer, of course, without knowing such tricks, will not pay attention to this, and so that after arrival to the indicated place there were no scandals and screams, give the declared amount, which will be several times higher than the real.

In Moscow, a taxi can be ordered in special services that are engaged in auto transportation of citizens, while you can determine the arrival time in advance, which is very convenient for the customer. You can also order a taxi at the airport. To date, many taxi companies have agreements with Vnukovo, Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo to call a taxi for those who come from different countries and cities, and this moment is very important for a prosperous and pleasant trip of guests of the capital. After all, which person would not want to relax after a long and tiring, both physically and psychologically, flight above the ground at an altitude of several thousand kilometers? Especially if you have to go along the roads of Moscow to “PIK Hour” in the morning or evening. This situation is familiar to many. Therefore, more and more taxi firms began to relate to this problem more understanding, providing new functions of passenger transportation.

One of these functions is the expectation or wire of customers at the airports. In this case, the punctuality and experience of drivers is very important. Responsible companies are seriously related to the design of highly qualified drivers and the provision of cars in any area of ​​the city. Remember: this is what high -quality and experienced companies do.

For comparison, not every company provides the most convenient conditions for you and your wallet and can give you an unforgettable impressions of traveling along the roads of the capital of Russia. Also, the company can provide you with such an opportunity as an exclusive tour of the city – the hero of Moscow. You can choose a route and time yourself, and if you call friends or relatives, you can order a minivan with air conditioning and a children’s chair. After all, only trusted companies guarantee you complete safety, and only pleasant sensations from a trip around the city or to the airport. Therefore, for a taxi, Moscow, its residents and guests of the capital are the criterion that the best of the best in competition.

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