The most economical premium-auto

More and more motorists when buying vehicles are guided not by the capacity of a car, but by its efficiency, let’s talk about leaders in this area among premium cars.

The Toyota luxury unit engineers over the past 6 years have been conducting tireless struggle for fuel efficiency. They were one of the first to produce a serial hybrid. And as a result, almost half of the representatives who relate to the prize of the ten leaders of the economy of premium cars, wears the designation L on the radiator grille. The idea to create a hybrid crossover turned out to be viable, despite a very overstated price tag, which, with more detailed calculations, levels fuel saving. Well, if you are not chasing efficiency, but prefer standard cars, for example, Ford brands, then you will need spare parts Bo Ford Transit shown in the online store.

The most dimensional of the hybrid Lexus is equipped with a V-shaped “six”, as well as an electric motor, which jointly give 295 liters. With., consuming only 7.84 liters per hundred. With all this, the electric motor rotates the wheel of the rear axle, while the engine is responsible for the operation of the front. The cost of an economical premium Lexus RX450H in Moscow car dealerships starts at 3 million. rub.

Another economical authorship GS450H, equipped with the same power plant as the RX450H brand crossover, but due to a reduced mass provides lower consumption. 7.6 l is a small figure, given the truly hurricane dynamics, namely, the car reaches in 5.6 seconds. Hundreds

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