Rules for towing a car

Greetings to you, friends. Although modern cars are considered reliable, from periodic breakdowns they are still not safe. It is good if the malfunction that has arisen is insignificant and you can easily eliminate it, or, at least, get to the place of repair with your own stroke. And if you can’t move on or not, the possibility? Then there is only one way out – to look for who will take it to tow. Here’s about the rules of towing the car, we will talk today.

Tow rope

Naturally, the first thing to start with is to check the presence of a towing cable in a car. This device should be worried about in advance. Otherwise, you will have to look for improvised materials, and they are not always reliable and able to cope with the task. In road stores, find an industrial cable designed to towing a car is not a problem. Just pay attention to its quality. I somehow acquired a similar copy for myself. Beautiful, with comfortable metal carbines at the ends. So, at the first attempt to pull out a car stuck in the snow, these carbines simply straightened up. It’s good that the flying cable did not shy down the glass or body. The consequences could be serious. And all Chinese quality. Appearance is attractive, no quality. Especially

Pay attention not to bright packaging, but to quality and reliability

if it comes to metal parts. You can, of course, make a towing cable and yourself. It is best to use nylon threads for these purposes for these purposes. This material is very durable and light. It takes up little space and retains elasticity even in severe frost. According to traffic rules, the length of the cable should be 4 – 6 meters. On the entire length of the cable, you need to evenly place five flags from red matter evenly. This is a security issue and it is better not to neglect them. Cases when drivers tried in inattentiveness between the cars engaged in towing. So do not aggravate your position.

Rules for towing a car

On the towing cable you need to place 5-6 flags

It is desirable that a tugboat has an experienced driver while driving a car. Before the start of movement, it is necessary to discuss what speed to withstand in motion and conditional signals that motorists will exchange, with the maneuvers performed. The driver of the towing car must give all the signals in advance. And the restructuring and turns to make only after receiving the confirming signal from the towed car that it is ready to perform maneuver. Do not forget that according to the rules, the near light of the headlights should burn in the towing car, and an alarm is enabled on the towed car. During the movement, prevent the sagging of the cable. The driver of the “tugboat” must start touching the place and acceleration very smoothly. First you need to make sure that the towing cable is completely pulled, and the driven car began to move and only after that you can “add gas”. Choose the programs so that you do not have to switch on the slopes and ascent. On the descent, increased caution is required from the driver of the towed car. Slightly slowing down, it is necessary to ensure that the cable does not sag and the distance to the tugboat is preserved. Avoid sharp brakes and unexpected maneuvers.

Car towing with automatic transmission

Auto with automatic transmission is better to tow on a loader

Cars with automatic transmission can only be towed with special precautions. It is best to read about them in the instructions for the car. But in general terms, they boil down to the following: the checkpoint selector should be set in position “N”, the speed of not more than 40 km/h and the distance of not more than 40 – 50 km. All -wheel drive cars are often recommended to tow by partial loading on the tugboat platform. Here you can’t do without a special loader.

As you can see, the rules for towing a car are not particularly difficult. But to study the nuances specifically related to your car will not be superfluous.

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