Auto rental rules abroad

Traveling? It is necessary to carefully study all insurance and lease conditions before signing the documents and accordingly pay for the rental of a car in a new city. In particular, you will need to pay attention to the insurance of your civil liability and, of course, a franchise, if it is. But we notice that the presence of a franchise is a disadvantage for the client, since the insurance company will pay expenses minus this amount when the insurance event occurs.

Most of the companies on the client’s credit card block a specific amount before the lease term is completed as a guarantee. It should be clarified when and under what circumstances the company will be able to apply this money, another period and conditions for removing the lock. When choosing car rental in Kaliningrad and other cities, you should contact solid companies where car rental is distinguished by acceptable prices, there is a park of cars of different brands, and the car delivery itself leaves only positive emotions.

Before you drive off the parking of a rolling office, it is better to inspect the car well and at the same time there should be a manager. If there are shortcomings, then they will need to be entered in a specialized form. The employee should put a stamp or a company’s painting on your copy of the form.

It will also be necessary to fix the amount of fuel, which is located in the tank. Quite many types of lease provide for the return of the car with exactly the same fuel level or pay for it only at the tariff of the company.

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