Saturn dealers overstate the prices for the Roadster

You come to the nearest Saturn dealer with a desire to buy their most seductive offer – Rogster Sky. Impressed by the well -sold Saturn, you do not count on any discounts, imagining it like this: I go, I look at a piece of paper glued to the window and go out, surprised by a low price policy. Not so fast.

Deviating from the established Saturn Rules about low and affordable prices for their cars, dealers of a well -known fighter with exported goods climb the prices for relatives, compared to the recommended retail price, for thousands of dollars. Sometimes egregious facts were recorded, dealers attributed to a price of 3.000 to 5,000 thousand dollars and called it a “dealer allowance”. Saturn received a lot of messages about dealers that practice such violations, and seems to be going to punish violators. While Saturn is conducting educational work in the ranks of its dealers, explaining to them that any increase in prices is a strict violation of the philosophy of working with Saturn clients, we will consider other options for price fraud. We quote Automotive News: one dealer offered a version of the Sky car called “Galpinized”, named after the conglomerate for which the dealer worked. He boasted that in this model of the Chip Foose wheel (toy factory), high tires, cooling cold air, satellite navigation system and, if desired, could improve the suspension. For all these “accessories” the dealer raised the price of Sky to 33 thousand dollars. The market of any product is built in the war of prices and holding reputation, Saturn will now have to think carefully about how to control the prices for its product.

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