We diagnose the car yourself.

We diagnose the car yourself

Each of us dreams of a cool car. For some, this is a dream of a whole life, and for some just a need. But popular wisdom says that a car is not a luxury, but a means of transportation. Many can boast of a cool foreign car, and some are satisfied with their old “penny”, “Muscovite” or “Volga”. Once they were very expensive and rare cars, but over the years they simply go into oblivion. Today, in order to fix your car, you need to go around more than one dance maintenance. This is because almost all a hundred switched to equipment of foreign cars. In such cases, it will be very useful to know how to fix your car yourself. In particular, the VAZ car.

One of the main breakdowns in this machine is a breakdown of the engine and generator, difficulties with a gearbox, ignition system, and many other problems. In order to fix the voltage regulator, the following actions are needed. First you need a key to “8” to unscrew the nuts. Then remove the regulator. Two wires must be disconnected. Then the new regulator must be attached to the mudguard and you can connect the wires back. But do not forget that the orange wiring should be connected to the conclusion “15”. The second wiring is connected to the conclusion “67”. Before starting the engine, you should make sure that all wires are connected correctly, as well as that the contact that is between the voltage regulator and the mass is securely fixed.

Another of the known and common breakdowns is the replacement of the ignition distributor. To do this, remove the hose from the fitting of the vacuum regulator, which is located in the ignition system. Take the key to “13” and unscrew the nut of the lock plate. Then you need to pull the distributor from the block. Using the key to “7”, we unscrew the nut, remove the low voltage wire from the output and it remains only to connect a new regulator, only in the reverse order. As a rule, he must serve for a long time, unless, of course, everything was connected correctly, without snot.

All new spare parts are better to buy from those people whom you have known for a long time. In most cases, they can be found on auto market or in their own workshops. They can also consult how to install one or another part correctly. Excess recommendations will not interfere with you.

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