Porsche Panamera – easier and faster

“Stingray GTR” – so after the refinement they called “Porsche Panamera” “Specialists of the Russian Atelier” Tor Sag. The car is now allocated by an extravagant appearance, but the design of the design was by no means the main goal.

Decorative panels are completely replaced. In the atelier they were made of light materials – Kevlar and Karbon. This made it possible to reduce the mass of the machine and lower its center of gravity. In addition to the body, the master finalized the car engine. Original turbines, exhaust collectors and exhaust were replaced by more productive. Of course, the control unit was reflash to match the new capabilities of the motor. After force, it develops up to 700 liters. With. (depending on the tuning program), which entails an improvement in acceleration dynamics. So, the “hundred” from the place of “Stingray GTR” takes for 3.5 s, which is 0.3 more faster than “Panamera Turbo S”.

Engineers worked on the Troika from BMW

The new interpretation of the Bavarian sportsar “BMW M3” presented the atelier “ATT”. The appearance of the car remained practically unchanged, and the main work was performed by engineers.

Clear controllability is a business card “M3”, but even here it was something to improve. KW Variant 3 suspension set allows you to change shock absorbers in a wider range. To fully reveal the capabilities of the suspension, the company also worked with the engine, installing a mechanical supercharger. With it, it is easy to achieve power growth even in a four-liter V-shaped “eight”. Complete with modified inlet and release, this gave an increase of 100 liters. With.

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